Vårdö is the archipelago-municipality within easy commuting distance of the main island o Åland. In Vårdö you can experience privacy and genuine and varied archipelago, while having unlimited access to the labor market and the range of services on the main island.
The name Vårdö was first mentioned in official sources in 1347 when King Magnus Eriksson of Sweden travelled between the two halves of the nation and dated a letter “in insula dicta Waerdhö” (on an island called Vårdö)


Business in Vårdö is characterized by primary industries and commuting. On Vårdö there are several specialized greenhouses and the apple orchard in the municipality is significant, apples are grown on about 26 hectares. Vårdös location, a short ferry ride from the main island, enabling that many can commute to work on the main island of Åland. More than half of the working population commutes to work outside Vårdö, mainly in Mariehamn and Godby. The crossing of the cable ferry between Töftö in Vårdö and Prästö in Sund takes about 5 minutes, the ferry line is only 440 meters. The ferry operates around the clock without a timetable, with a few short breaks during the day.


You can stay in houses or rented apartments in Vårdö. There are rental apartments of varying size and price range in Vårdö. The municipality has planned construction areas of land for sale, with an area offering seaside accommodation. There are plenty of cozy old village centers with buildings reminiscent of Vårdös seafaring traditions. Vårdö was a significant shipping municipality during the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Leisure buildings are a visible element in Vårdö, there are nearly 500 homes around the municipality.


Vårdö is a small island community of around 450 residents. Yet there are almost all the basic services you need. Kindergartens, primary school grades 1-6, libraries, health care, nursing, gymnasium and tennis court. In Vargata is a well stocked shop, a post office and the Bank of Åland’s office. Public transportation is well developed with at least five daily bus rides to and from Mariehamn and Godby.


The sea, archipelagic nature and the authentic environment provides opportunities for a rich leisure. Nature is always close and there are all the prerequisites for an active outdoor life. Moreover, both associations and courses offer a wide range of activities. The compounds of the municipality organizes activities almost every night in the gymnasium