Sottunga is Åland’s and Finland’s smallest municipality with 123 residents. Here community and near democracy is granted. If you offer yourself, you get back sevenfold. The municipality consists of the islands Storsottunga, Husö and Finnö who have permanent residents but there are more islands with summer cottages. During the summer, the municipality’s population doubles. The safe, small community and a fantastic archipelago – it is Sottunga.


Businesses in Sottunga are currently active in, for example, agriculture, transport, municipality services, data and shipping. Self-employed people are in demand as well as police, electricians, foremen or driving taxis and school buses. If you work on the sea, distance, with arts and crafts, or are retired Sottunga offers a unique accommodation. Enterprising Archipelago helps small business owners to establish themselves. Communications to the main island and Åboland is good, to Långnäs in Åland the trip takes an hour and fifteen minutes.


Several beautiful farmhouses characterize the municipality. Besides family houses there are rental properties built by the municipality.


Although the municipality is small, Sottunga has what is needed in a functioning society. Here is a school and kindergarten with room for even more children, retail, health care, post office, bank, library, own parish, municipality offices, party hall and an archipelago office with computers and Internet. The municipality also organize adult education to low tuition fees.


Sottunga’s non-profit associations organize activities for all ages. The nice library is a popular gathering place and in the new modern leisure hall is, for example, a climbing wall. For those who like outdoor exercise nature keeps open year round. Spring in the archipelago is an experience, in summer there are nice opportunities for recreational fishing and boating trips, in the fall berries and mushrooms awaits and in winter  excursions on the ice is recommended. There are several trails of varying terrain.