Kumlinge municipality is located in the archipelago between Mariehamn to the west and Turku to the east. The municipality consists of 800 islands of which the four largest are inhabited year-round. In the villages of Kumlinge, Enklinge, Seglinge and Björkö live year-round just under 400 inhabitants (January 2010).


Local residents are employed in the public sector, shipping, tourism, and in a less extent in agriculture and fisheries. There are a few dozen diverse small business owners in the municipality. The new optical fiber network provides excellent opportunities for working remotely. Ferry services work well with several trips daily to both east and west. Kumlinge also has the archipelago’s only airstrip for small aircraft. Vacancies in Kumlinge are regularly in areas such as schools and elderly care, and new entrepreneurs in all areas are welcome. Entrepreneurs in Kumlinge can, due to ferry traffic and the optical fiber network, also sell their services to customers outside Kumlinge.


Rental housing in townhouses are regularly available in Enklinge, Kumlinge and Seglinge. Contact information for renting is obtained via the municipal website. To some extent there is also individual homes for rental to private individuals. The municipality is planning land for permanent accommodation in a privileged area at Kastören on Kumlingeön.


Kumlinge offers good service with everything from local bakers, IT entrepreneurs and electricians to mechanics and construction workers. Post office and bank are open every weekday and until further notice also has the archipelago’s only branch pharmacy operating in Kumlinge. Several grocery stores are operating in the municipality. There is a well-stocked library that, as well as books also offer the occasional visitor free computing. Kumlinge school is an elementary school with grades 1-9. The number of students in recent years has been around 30. The school has access to modern technology that helps students get ready for later studies and vocational training. Kindergarten activities and housing for the elderly coexist in the same building, Annagården, which is to the benefit of both the older and younger occupants of the house.


Nature in Kumlinge offers good opportunities for hunting and fishing, birding and nature experiences. There is barren archipelago, but also shady hazel groves and a plentiful stock of plants, including several rarities. Lively club activities means there are activities for all ages. Hunting Act, communes, Fisheries Act, Public health, Red Cross and Civic Institute are examples of associations that makes leisure meaningful to Kumlinge residents. Dance, crafts, gymnastics etc. belongs to the regular supply.