Kökar is furthest out to sea and is Finland’s southernmost municipality. In the municipality lives around 260 inhabitants, but in summer the population is at least twice that. Kökar offers families a safe, secure and peaceful environment. Here children can play outside by themselves. The municipality is characterized by historic attractions, magnificent scenery with bare rock outcrops, cozy bays and rich flora and fauna.


Business in Kökar is dominated by shipping, tourism and agriculture. The municipality, however, is the largest employer. Since Kökar is a tourist municipality of great proportions, we need especially those who can develop tourism and extending the tourist season. There are great opportunities if you want to work independently as self-employed. The tourism industry also offers seasonal jobs as waiters and guides.


In the Kökar municipality there are cozy rental apartments from Horsklint Property. The homes are in varying standard and size, 1-3 rooms and kitchen. Most have a sauna and a fireplace, and some have a car roof. There are also some favorable vacant lots for the construction of family houses. Private mooring can be arranged.


Kökar have a really nice, well-equipped school with good teaching staff, nice library, a well-organized daycare for all children, health care, and a newly built home for the elderly. We have post offices, banks, stores, taxis, etc.


The municipality offers a lot for those who are interested in culture and nature. It includes a thrilling local history museum, the remains of a Franciscan monastery from the 1400s and an excavated Bronze age site. Beautiful nature trails, the sea and the magnificent scenery of cliffs and glacial formations inspires outdoor activities year round. The community is important to us in Kökar. We often do things together, young and old. You can sing, play, attend courses, activate yourself in different associations.

You are welcome to participate!