Föglö is located near the main island of Åland. The journey to Mariehamn takes about an hour, including the ride with Åland navy’s newest ferry m / s Skarven that takes almost 30 minutes. The municipality has about 570 permanent residents, but in the summer the number is basically tripled.

Föglö’s nature is diverse. In addition to farmland and pine forests, there are also lush deciduous forests with oak and hazel stocks as well as a conglomeration of barren islets. Bird and wildlife is very rich in Föglö, including a dense tribe of sea eagles and the rare Apollo butterfly is abundant.


Local residents are employedprimarily in industries such as fish farming and agriculture, shipping and service. An increasing number of residents commute to the main island, also available at a convenient distance due to favorable ferry connections. Office space available for rent and the archipelago office offers modern office space with the latest technology (fiber) for enterprises and remote workers at the Municipality-center in Degerby.


Townhouse apartments of varying sizes available to rent through Föglö Property Ltd and Sanda Property Ltd and partly from municipality. Planned land for housing, commercial buildings and light industry, partly with lake view, are in Degerby. Several residential areas are also planned in other parts of the municipality.


The service is concentrated in Degerby, including store, post office, cafe, banks and schools. At our fine kindergartens you can usually get daycare spot directly. Föglö primary school covers grades 1-9 in purpose-built premises with a competent teaching staff. After-school offers afternoon activities. For eldercare we have care-home Annagården, operating in new and fresh facilities, rebuilt and extended in 2009.


Within the municipality there are a number of active clubs and associations. Sports association FUIA arranges sports activities in various forms. A tennis court and a very well equipped gym are in Degerby and in the municipality there are two well-kept trails in the beautiful environment of observation towers and several fishing license areas for recreational fishing. Residents may use the outer archipelago of islands at the Rant as leisure area. The municipality rents out leisure boat moorings. An important focal point is the well-stocked library. A diverse selection of children’s and youth activities and cultural events are also offered.