Brändö municipality has around 500 inhabitants and we are looking to increase that. Our municipality consists of as many as 1200 islands and islets. The knowledge that our children are surrounded by beauty and peace of mind makes us who live here thrive.

We have good connections with the mainland and it takes just under two hours to travel to Turku. Along with the Kumlinge municipality, we have an ultra-fast fiber network. Share your experiences and receive what we have to offer.


Brändö islanders work mainly in shipping, the municipality, the post office, the fish farming industry, tourism and construction. There is potential for self-employment, particularly in tourism. Looking ahead, we believe that several entrepreneurs will be working remotely. Realize your plans here and now. Establish yourself on Brändö.


In Brändö we live in detached houses or semi-detached. In the municipality there are also many rental houses and apartments. In the village Baggholma there are vacant single-family house lots on a planned area close to the sea. The municipality can help with the purchase of property for year-round living.


During the day, children under school age play and socialize with other children in the municipality’s relatively newly renovated and spacious kindergarten. The municipality offers free kindergarten taxis. Our completely renovated primary school in Brändö village has room for 80 students. The municipal service building Solkulla welcomes seniors who need care. Health care is available around the clock.


Brändö village has activities for all ages. Anyone who wants to can play sports all year round in Brändös newly built gymnasium, for example together with Brändö IK. Brändö gymnasium (with a court of 28x16m + social facilities such as sauna, etc.) there is room for volleyball, badminton, tennis, etc. but also conferences and seminars. In the same building as the school you will find the municipality’s princely library.