To live and grow up in the archipelago

The archipelago is a unique living environment. Most people live in their own house but there are also apartment buildings and townhouses for those who wish to do so. The different municipalities are happy to provide more information on the housing offered for sale and rental. The municipalities also have attractive plots of planned areas for the sale of the residence.

In the Åland archipelago municipalities are well catered for families. Schools are available in all municipalities. The schools have small classes and nice environment. The curriculum is written with influences from both Sweden and Finland. It offers local childcare, usually without waiting times. Even recreational activities are available in all municipalities, as well as health care clinics, pediatric, maternity and school health. Young people can participate in activities organized by SKUNK (archipelago’s youth organization).

Elderly care is organized in the form of senior housing or caring homes. In acute cases, there is a helicopter for rapid transport to the hospital. Bank, post office, shop and library are other examples of important service available in all island municipalities.

Leisure with Right of Public Access

Beautiful scenery, clean environment and proximity to water is something you get for free in the archipelago. Aland is famous for its fishing and the conditions for fishing, hunting and outdoor activities are extraordinary. Nature is beautiful year round. Right of public acccess applies here and provides virtually the same rights as the other Nordic countries. In addition, there are well-stocked library, active voluntary- and sporting activities for both children and adults. The archipelago is never idle.

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